Beer lovers are always searching for a new favorite craft beer. Breweries that specialize in creating craft beers with unique flavors and new ingredients are all over the nation, so it can be difficult to choose which ones are worth a visit. For those who love craft beer, the following list of 7 craft breweries are ones that are worth the trip for the beer and the brewery experience.

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1. Dogfish Head Brewery – Milton, Delaware

At Dogfish Head, you can easily spend the entire day touring, exploring, and tasting the beer. The Dogfish Head Brewery has an inn, a distillery, and two restaurants, all within walking distance of Lewes Beach. A favorite of those who visit Dogfish Head is the selection of IPA’s, along with the famous SeaQuench Ale, a tangy blend of lime, black pepper, and sea salt.

2. Goose Island Brewery – Chicago, Illinois

This place is one of the best-known craft breweries in the nation for a good reason. Goose Island Brewery is located in a fun neighborhood on West Fulton Street in Chicago. Visitors to the brewery can see every step of the craft brewing process, then sample local favorites like the Goose Honkers Ale and their specialty aged ales. The brewery also offers many seasonal flavors throughout the year.

3. Against the Grain – Louisville, Kentucky

These bourbon inspired beers are created to reflect the Kentucky bourbon heritage with a twist on classic flavors. Against the Grain Brewery can be found at the corner of Louisville Slugger Field in a former train station that is a destination for those who appreciate modern architecture. The brewery has a huge selection of beers, including local favorite Bo & Luke, a stout that’s aged in bourbon barrels.

4. Allagash Brewing Company – Portland, Maine

If you like fruit-inspired beers, the peach-infused Farm to Face is sure to please. The Allagash Brewing Company has a great atmosphere in a warehouse in downtown Portland. Visitors to the brewery can take a free tour and tasting. Plus, they offer a large selection of their beers to take home, including the Dawnlander, an amber Saison ale.

5. New Belgium Brewery – Fort Collins, Colorado

A craft beer tour would not be complete without a visit to Colorado, and its famous New Belgium Brewery. They offer tours and tastings daily with special events throughout the year. One of the favorites, La Folie, is a brown ale that is aged up to three years, for a taste that beer connoisseurs will appreciate.

6. Russian River Brewing Company – Santa Rose, California

Visitors to downtown Santa Rosa can visit the Russian River Brewing Company for beer that has been aged in Pinot barrels, providing fresh and unique flavors. Their beer Supplication is an excellent example of a brew that is exclusive to the California area and one that should be on your list of beers to sample.

7. Side Project Brewing – Maplewood, Missouri

This brewery, located outside of St Louis, has a tasting room with a huge selection of beers on tap, along with whiskey and wine, all in one location at the Side Project Cellar. Visitors can sample the Red Saison du Fermier, which is fermented and aged in Pinot Noir barrels.

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